Thursday, December 1, 2011

4 Tips to Reduce Digital Camera Shutter Lag

By Charlotte Plante

Shutter lag is one of the most common complaints amongst digital camera owners. Shutter lag is the time lapse between pressing the button to take a picture and when the camera actually takes the picture. This delay can only be a second, but it is enough to frustrate you when trying to capture that once-in-a-lifetime photo. This lag can attributed to a combination of things including auto focus, processor, and memory, and most cameras do not give you the ability to adjust the shutter lag time.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to adjust the lag yourself. Here are four tips you can use to minimize the amount of digital camera shutter log:

Ready the Focus

Auto focus is one of the many contributors to shutter lag. When you press the button to capture your shot, the camera takes into account the lighting and subjects it needs to focus on. If you know a shot is going to be taken or are anticipating a reaction (like a child opening a birthday gift) press the button halfway first, this allows the camera to focus and adjust prior to taking the photo. Then when everyone is ready or that special moment presents itself, simply press the button down completely.

Turn off the Flash

Most digital cameras use the flash by default; however, you can turn it off. If you are outside or in a well lit room turn off the flash and ready your focus. By taking this one step out of the process you will shorten the shutter lag time.

Get a Faster Memory Card

Before doing this, read your owner's manual to ensure compatibility. Sometimes this option works if your camera can process a faster memory card, but most cameras will max out at a certain speed. Make sure you know what that speed is so you do not spend extra money unnecessarily.

Use Burst Mode

This is a mode on the camera that allows you to shoot a series of photos continuously. This is a great feature for situations when you do not have the luxury of pre-focusing the camera like a little league game or dance performance for example. The effectiveness of this feature is greatly improved when using the best memory card for your camera model.

Digital camera shutter log can be a very frustrating thing to any aspiring photographer. Fortunately, if you adhere to the previously mentioned suggestions, you can minimize its impact on the quality of your photographs.

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